We are so excited to introduce our new computer system which includes parent portal!  


You are now able to check your child's account, register directly online, and pay with credit or debit card online or at either of our studio locations. 

A Convenience fee for credit card processing will be applied each month to every active family's account.  If paying with check or cash, the fee will be immediately deleted upon payment.  


Please be patient with us as we are still in the process of getting things up and running.

If you are having difficulty logging into your parent portal, please let us know at general@floydwarddance.com so we can insure that your email address is on file.

When signing onto your portal for the first time, please check that all user and contact information is accurate so that we can communicate with you and your family effectively.

To sign on for the first time: Enter your email, Select Forgot password, A temporary password will be sent to your email, once you receive then you can enter and change your password.

Floyd Ward School of Dance Policies

Tuition charge is based on the entire dance year, but for your convenience, may be paid monthly.  Tuition payments are due the 1st day of each month.  Bills will not be mailed.  Accounts may be paid by check, cash, credit, or debit at either of our locations or online by credit or debit.  A $5 convenience fee will be charged to each family at the beginning of the month.  Those who choose to use cash or check for payment will have this fee waived at the time of payment.  A late fee of $25 will be levied on any balance not paid by the 15th of each month.  Christmas performance fees are due by October 31st.  Spring performance fees are due by January 31st.  All tuition, olate fees, spring performance fees and/or any other outstanding balance must be paid in full prior to the release of costumes.  Account balances must be paid in full before any student is permitted to perform in the Christmas or Spring Performance.  Tuition, registration fees, costume payments and performance fees are NON- REFUNDABLE.  

Missed classes may be made up in the same level or at a level below within the semester of the absence only.  Missed classed are disallowed for days when the studio is closed.  Classes are subject to cancellation or rescheduling at the studio's discretion.  


Floyd ward School of Dance is not responsible for student property.  Any student destroying or damaging studio property will be promptly dismissed.  Students are not permitted to smoke or chew gum on studio property. A student may be expelled on the basis of their behavior and/or the actions of their parents at the studio's discretion.

Floyd Ward School of Dance requests that each student enrolled consult with a physician with respect to any past or present illness or injury that may affect his/her participation in and ability to endure the exercise, dance, or acrobatic program.  

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