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JUMP Trip to Washington DC- A Success

     The first weekend in January, the Bitty and Preteen Select and Elite teams traveled to our nation's capital to compete and learn from incredible teachers and choreographers like Melanie Moore and Mike Minery. 


     Three students; Remi FiGart, Allyson Foster, & Bre Hodges; won scholarships to continue their dance education at a summer intensive either in LA or New York.  The studio also brought home three first place awards and one fourth place award in the overalls as well as 2 High Gold, 14 Gold, and 3 High Silver Awards.


     "Bring Back Our Girls", a piece choreographed by Jill Graybill received best in studio honors and a chance to perform at the closing show.  

Floyd Ward Receives Top Studio Honors at World Class Talent


Floyd Ward Ensemble members started the competition season off to a great start in November at the Berglund Center in downtown Roanoke.  The studio received top honors as the highest scoring studio of the competition.  


     All four title awards went to Floyd Ward students including Kelli Reed (Petite), Remi FiGart (Junior), Olivia Hoye (Teen), and Eric McIntyre (Senior).  The dancers earned 34 top overall awards and 18 specialty awards including choreography, technical achievement, and costume awards.  Floyd Ward students also brought home 33 6-star awards, 71 5-star awards, 24 4-star awards, and 2 3-star awards.  


     Most importantly our students also received the sportsmanship award showing that not only that they have been training hard, but that they treat their fellow competitors with grace and kindness.  

Hollywood Vibe- Atlanta, GA


     Fourteen students headed down to Georgia, the last weekend of January and received several high honors.  The students received 9 top overall awards, 2 national scholarships, 1 regional scholarship, and an LA agency award. 


Students invited to perform with the Virginia Gentlemen


     A few slect members of our bitty and preteen clogging teams received the chance to perform at the Jefferson Center with the well-know a cappella groups, the Virginia Gentlemen.  

Christmas Community Events


     Students help spread holiday cheer throughout the Roanoke Valley in December at many community events.  


Downtown Vinton Lighting of the Christmas Tree

Vinton Christmas Parade- Best Children's Float

Vinton Christmas at the Roanoke Memorial

Roanoke City Christmas Parade-Best Musical Entry

Dickens of a Christmas

Pheasant Ridge Villages


Brandon Oaks

Carrington Place

VIP- Roanoke Virginia

     Congratulations to all our dancers who participated in the VIP Dance competition in Roanoke.  The studio came home with 28 top overall awardsin cluding six first place wins!!!  


Ashlynn Harrison-1st place Broadway mini solo

Allyson Lambert and Kaitlyn Balci-1st place Broadway mini duet       Halle Reese-1st place Broadway junior solo                                         Remi FiGart-1st place Hollywood junior solo                                           Ibby Burnett & Remi FiGart-1st place Hollywood junior duet                 Lauren Austin-1st place Broadway senior solo  


     Remi FiGart and Allyson Foster were awarded Junior Idol Finalists awards and Bre Hodges and Kelli Reed received Judge's Choice awards for their Performance and being Well Rounded respectively.  


     Students also received 6 category awards for Hope (Kelli Reed), Roxie (Breanna Hodges), Shake (Gabby Mullins), Storm Warning (Halle Reese), I Just Wanna Dance (Kaitlyn Smith), and Footprints (Breanna Hodges & Brooke Johnston).


     Dancers earned two Best of the Best Awards as well.  Halle Reese received the Best of the Best Solo in the Broadway Division and Remi FiGart received a 1st runner up Best of the Best Solo in the Hollywood Division.  

JUMP- Pittsburgh, PA

     27 dancers and 9 staff members headed to Pittsburgh in February to take classes with teachers from all around the country and compete with top notch competitors.  The Elite Junior/Senior tap team was asked to perform in the closing show and Eric McIntyre won a VIP Finalists scholarship.  Olivia Hoye and Skyler Taube also received scholarships in the lyrical, contemporary, and jazz category.  Congratulations Dancers!

Southeast Showdown in South Carolina

     Congratulations to Allison Argabright on her first place win at Southeast Showdown in South Carolina.  She not only won her age division for her solo, but also received the highest overall scores for all entries age 12 & under!


Encore DCS- Chattanooga, TN & Lenoir, NC

     At the end of February, Floyd Ward sent five young ladies to Encore DCS-- 3 headed to North Carolina & 2 headed to Tennessee!

     Allyson Foster and Katie Johnson did very well in Tennessee.  Katie received a Platinum and 2nd place in the lyrical division.  AllysonFoster received a High Gold and 2nd place in her division for lyrical and a Platinum and 1st place in her division for jazz.  Allyson also received a scholarship to attend nationals and participate in the opening number.

     Bralyn Snead, along with Riley and Katen Tetreault, traveled to North Carolina to Compete.  Bralyn Receiveda 4th place in the jazz division for her solo.  The Tetreaults received a High Gold and first in the Character category and 5th overall.  Riley received a platinum and first place in the clogging category and 6th overall.

Ultimate Stars- Mill Mountain Theatre

     Allyson Foster recently attended the Ultimate Starz Competition held at the Mill Mountain Theatre in Roanoke.  She received two Ultimate Platinums for both her solos as well as first place in each of her categories.  She also recieved first place overall for the petitie age division and was awarded the title of Miss Ultimate Starz Petite.  

Star Talent- Jefferson Center

     In March, the entire competitive team attended Star Talent in Roanoke, Virginia and had a great time!  The studio brought home 83 top overall awards including 20 1st place overall awards.  These 1st place overall awards were given to :


Mini Excel Solo- Funky Monkey (Braelynn Gibson)

Petitie Excel Solo- Imaginary Tea (Sheradyn O'Neill)

Petite Excel Duet/Trio- Werqin' Girls (Mary Beth Hoye & Kelli Reed)

Petite Excel Large Group- Don't Sit Under the Apple Tree (Preteen Tap Prime)

Petite Extreme Small Group- Revolting Children (Bitty Jazz Elite)

Petite Photogenic- Mary Beth Hoye

Junior Excel Solo- Storm Warning (Halle Reese)

Junior Excel Duet/Trio- Vogue (Alexis Goad & Pamela Hughes)

Junior Excel Large Group- Party Girl (Preteen Jazz Prime)

Junior Extreme Duet/Trio- Shower (Allyson Foster, Alexis Goad & Alexis Jones)

Junior Elite Solo- My Sister's Keeper (Remi FiGart)

Junior Elite Duet/Trio- Out of the Shadows (Remi FiGart & Eric McIntyre)

Junior Elite Small- Brown Derby Jump (Preteen Tap Elite)

Junior Photogenic- Zoe Bruffey

Teen Excel Large Group- Like a Drum (Junior/Senior Clogging Prime)

Teen Extreme Large Group- Ridiculous (Junior/Senior Hip Hop)

Teen Elite Duet/Trio- Latched (Eric McIntyre & Mikayla Palmer)

Teen Photogenic- Olivia Hoye

Senior Excel Solo- I Just Wanna Dance (Kaitlyn Smith)

Senior Extreme Solo- Rule the World (Lauren Austin)


In addition to multiple overall awards, Floyd Ward received the following special awards:


Fantastic Production- Monsters Under the Bed (Clogging Production)

Showerstopper Production- Smokey Joe's Cafe (Tap Production)

Beautiful Connections- Footprints (Bre Hodges & Brooke Johnston)

Choreography- Back O' Beyond (Choreographed by Jill Graybill)

High Score 12 & Under Groups- Brown Derby Jump (Preteen Tap Elite)

High Score 12 & Under Solos, Duets, & Trios- My Sister's Keeper (Remi FiGart)



Showstopper- Concord, NC

     Floyd Ward rounded out the end of the season for most of our teams in Concord, NC at one of our favorite competitions- Showstopper!!!  The studio received 1 crystal award given to Eric McIntyre, 33 double platinum, 62 platinum, and 45 gold awards.  The dancers also received 51 top ten overall awards including four 1st place overall awards.  Also, Remington FiGart received a 3rd place overall and Eric McIntyre received a 4th place overall award in the competitive solo division  qualifying them to take part in Showstopper Nationals Opening Number.  


Those 1st place awards were given to:

Mini Advanced Solo- Hope (Kelli Reed)

Mini Advanced Duet/Trio- Electricity (Kaitlyn Balci & Allison Lambert)

Mini Advanced Small Group-  Revolting Children (Bitty Jazz Elite)

Junior Competitive Duet/Trio- In the Air Tonight (Ibby Burnett & Remi FiGart)

Boogie Fever- Jefferson Center

     At the end of spring break, one of our teams and multiple soloists and duet/trios headed down to the Jefferson Center for Boogie Fever.  Dancers brought home 36 overall awards including 12 first place overall awards.The first place awards were given to the following:


Tiny Recreational Solo- Funky Monkey (Braelynn Gibson)

Mini Recreational Solo- Imaginary Tea (Sheradyn O'Neill)

Mini Intermediate Solo- I Believe in Love (Kaitlyn Balci)

Mini Intermeidate Duet/Trio- Electricity (Kaitlyn Balci & Allison Lambert)

Petite Recreational Solo- That's the Way I Like it (Skylar Gay)

Petite Recreational Duo/Trio- Mmm Yeah (Kallie Coleman & Savannah Laucher)

Petite Recreational Large Group- Anastasia (Preteen Lyrical Prime)

Petite Intermeidate Solo- Yellow Polka Dot Bikini (Allison Lambert)

Petite Intermediate Duet/Trio- Mr. Blue Sky (Sophie Graham & Bayla Kessler)

Petite Advanced Solo- Hurt (Bre Hodges)

Petite Advanced Duet/Trio- Footprints (Bre Hodges & Brooke Johnston)

Junior Recreational Solo- Storm Warning (Halle Reese)

Junior Intermeidate Solo- On Top of the World (Zoe Bruffey)

Teen Intermeidate Solo- Clap Your Hands (Haley Gillespie)

Senior Recreational Solo- I Just Wanna Dance (Kaitlyn Smith)

Photogenic- Zoe Bruffey


The studio also received 4 of the top overall awards for the day for the highest score of all solos, duets, trios, and groups in each age division:

Tiny: Funky Monkey (Braelynn Gibson)

Mini: Electricity (Kaitlyn Balci & Allison Lambert)

Petite: Hurt (Bre Hodges)

Junior: Storm Warning (Halle Reese


Halle Reese was also awarded a Shooting Star Title.  





Dance Machine-

     Wilksboro, NC

    Breanna Hodges and Brooke Johnston headed to North Carolina at the end of March to take on Dance Machine.  Bre received 2 high platinums for her solos.  Her jazz solo, roxie received 1st place overall Petitie soloist.  Her lyrical solo, Hurt, received a special Bravo award and Bre was crowned a Miss- Dance semi finalists for nationals.  Brooke also received a high platinum for her solo, I Like to Fuss, as well as a specail Bravo award and 3rd place overall Junior soloist.  Brooke also received a crown for Miss-Dance semi finals.  The duo, Footpriints, also received a high platinum, a judges Bravo award, and 1st Overall.  Both young ladies were also honored to receive a Coastal Dance Intensive Scholarship to study this summer.  

Dance Makers Inc.- Washington DC

     Kaitlyn Balci, Remi FiGart, Allison Lambert, and Kelli Reed headed up to the capital for Dance Makers at the end of March.  The dancers were able to take classes from many leaders in the industry.  Our students had a wonderful time while there and represented the studio well.  Kelli Reed took 1st place in the junior division for her solo "Hope,"  Kaitlyn Balci received a 2nd place in the junior division for "I Believe in Love," and Allison Lambert placed 3rd in the junior division for "Itsy Bitsy Teeny Weeny Yellow Polka Dot Bikini."  Kaitlyn Balci and Allison Lambert's Duet, "Electricity," also received 1st place in the junior duet/trio cateogory.  Remi FiGart was awarded a jazz scholarship for her in class performances during the weekend.  


Congratulations are in order for Floyd Ward Senior, Lauren Austin.  Lauren was chosen amongst a large number of canidates to be a member of the Dance Team in 2015 at the University of Virginia!!!

Dogwood Festival in Downtown Vinton


Despite the rain and cold weather, our cloggers brought smiles to those brave enough to come to the Dogwood Festival this past weekend.  We applaud your dedication ladies!

Southeast Showdown in Hickory, North Carolina

     Congratulations to Allyson Foster on her first place win at Southeast Showdown in South Carolina.  She not only won 1st place with both of her solos, but also received the highest overall scores for all entries age 12 & under!


Weird Al Yankovic in Roanoke, Virginia

     Our very own staff members, Chelsea Roark & Kayla Huffman were invited to perform with Weird Al in his National Tour while here in Roanoke, Virginia.  Chelsea & Kayla were his back up cheerleaders- Great Job ladies!


Festival in the Park- Memorial Day Weekend


   Floyd Ward Ensemble members brightened up the day in downtown Roanoke on Memorial Day weekend as they entertained crowds that had come to enjoy the fun at the annual downtown event.  


Look at all that PINK!

     Preteen ensemble members have been on set for about a month working on a video for breast cancer research.  They have been working alongside the fire department, police department, breast cancer survivors, and members of the staff at Lewis Gale Hospital.  They are being led under the direction of Jill Graybill and Chelsea Roark.  


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