Floyd Ward's Commitment to Keeping our Dance Families Safe

          Floyd Ward School of Dance has worked very diligently throughout the summer to ensure the highest standards of safety possible, going above and beyond what is required by the state for dance facilities to keep your children, as well as our staff and community safe.  We plan to follow the same precautions throughout the school year until a time when it is deemed that restrictions may loosen.


     Students may only bring into class what is necessary (dance shoes, water bottle, a jacket if weather calls for it).  Please have items labeled with the child’s name in case they are misplaced.  Students should already be dressed for class when they arrive.  All students must wear a mask entering and exiting the building.  Masks are not required during class (exercise), and staff will not be wearing masks while teaching.  However, staff will wear one while changing student shoes, taking temperatures, helping load and unload vehicles, and any other time when we may be in close proximity to your child to offer support or direction in class.  Masks will also be required during practices if students are closer than 10 feet apart during choreography. 

     Bathrooms are being sanitized after each use.  Please have your child use the restroom before you come to class to minimize bathroom visits.    

     Please do not drop students off for class more than 5 minutes prior to class time and pick your student up promptly at the end of class.    If a child has more than 15 minutes between classes, they will need to be picked up. 

     Preschool and Combo students may have one adult attend class with them.  Unfortunately, space in our lobbies will not permit us to have it open to any other age groups and or multiple parents/siblinggs.

     During the course of the year, we anticipate that some of our students and/or families may have the necessity to isolate or quarantine.  Zoom will be available for our students should they find themselves in this situation.  Please alert your instructor weekly if you will need to use zoom so that we ensure we have it set up for you. 

As restrictions are loosened in Virginia, we will keep you informed as we change things as well.